SI-TEC # Clever dental solutions #

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Si-tec  offers a wide range of attachments to achieve the desired friction in telescopic crowns, either in case of its loss or as prevention, still in the design phase of the prosthetic work

  •  Long lasting elements
  •  For conical or 2º-cylindrical telescopic crowns


TK-Soft® and TK-Soft® mini

Fine-adjustable friction element for all

parallel-walled dental constructions. Glue free use


Quick-tec® Plus

The repair element for telescopic crowns,

RS attachment and thrust distribution arms with only one drilling


Quick-tec I®

To restore immediately the perfect friction in telescopic crowns. Available in 3 frictions


TK-Snap® and TK-Fric®

Permanent friction guarantee for telescope crowns. To use during the design of the dental work in order to prevent a later possible loss of friction. With titan bead „click“ or with normal friction.

A starter kit exists for every attachment



They are supplied per unit.


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