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Kuss Dental is a German-managed Spanish company with headquarters in Madrid. Founded in 2001, it has established a reputation for being a competent market player in the dental sector. One of the reasons for this success can be put down to the fact that Kuss Dental is owner-operated. Run by Roland Höhne, who boasts more than 30 years of experience in this area of business, Kuss Dental markets its products not only in Spain and Portugal, but also in South and Central America and Africa.

The company has made a name for itself through top products such as the light curing wax Metacon, the micro welding unit Phaser, the time-saving universal splint material Delta-Splint or the comprehensive bleaching product range Easywhite® as well as our own brand KIERO just to name but a few of the many products available. Kuss Dental focuses its activities on the needs of the client and guarantees a consistent high quality. KIERO Consumables, products for clinics and laboratories.

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As one of the most innovative companies in the Spanish dental sector, Kuss Dental focuses on system development, modernization, and advanced training with new technology (I+D). Its function as an interface between German and Spanish dental experts is facilitated through the multilingual, communication-oriented and interdisciplinary team. Thus, Kuss Dental creates synergies between the users and developers. Our team, which is made up of experts with many years of experience, serve the clients’ interests in word and deed. In our opinion, it is the people who really make the difference.

The company’s corporate philosophy can be summed up in just three key words: service, client and technology.

By collaborating with a team of scientists, chemists, biologists and engineers, we take suggestions from the client or basic research in order to create new products, and then coordinate the product development right up to market entry. Our products save time, help optimise the working processes of dental laboratories and dental clinics, and enhance their competitive edge. We market our products through end customers as well as distributors, and even produce products under our own brand name. For example, Kuss Dental is a forerunner in the development of next generation light curing products, many of which facilitate a higher level of accuracy and cleaner and more rapid working processes.

One of our most successful products is Kiero Seal, a unique seal that is placed between the implant and the abutment; moreover, we offer Kiero Plast, a light-curing, universal modeling paste for dental technicians.

Customer relationship is not only a question of trust; it is about the exchange of information, in other words a dialogue. Compliance, adherence to regulations and guidelines, voluntary ethical and moral codices as well as country specific circumstances are important for launching our brands both nationally and internationally. Hence, Kuss Dental is certified by the IMQ in accordance with the CSQ MED – ISO 13485.

Moreover, Kuss Dental sees its field of work as being the transfer of knowledge: to this end studies are carried out at universities, seminars are held for students and dental technicians, and regular further education courses in new technologies are offered. In this way, the company guarantees the continuous exchange of information.

Since 2004, Kuss Dental has been a member of the German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce. As members, we invite renowned dental specialists as speakers on the occasion of the annual New Technology Days.

Kuss Dental has an excellent self-financing system. Since its foundation, the company’s acceptance in the market, profile and profits have continually increased. What is important for a successful company strategy is to be open to new trends and changes in the market, and to be able to react quickly. In this way – in our opinion – a company’s success can be sustained.

We never run out of ideas

Kuss Dental’s business strategy also includes utilising and expanding upon new marketing channels, such as our Internet presence in 3 languages and the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Tic Tok. The mechanisation of the company was one of our targets since the beginning, and thus enhances our image. In our opinion, this is the way we will be able to penetrate new, international markets in the future.


Roland Höhne

Ralf Essers
General Coordinator

Silvia Navarro
Marketing Assistant

Ralf Alex Först
Representative (Levante Area)

Rafael Barrios
Sales Representative (Central Spain)

Markus Schütz
Sales Manager Germany

José Enrique Hernández Merino
IT Stuff

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