Logo KieroOur brand in the dental sector, created and launched by the company Kuss Dental, whose purpose is to provide high quality products and consumables to the dental technician and odontostomatologist.


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  1. Our Clients

    Kuss Dental, orientates its activity towards the needs of its customers, always guaranteeing a high quality with its brand. Our team is formed by professionals with extensive experience prepared to respond to their needs.
    We listen to the ideas of our customers and we are up to date on the innovations that arise in the research to design the products from the development phase until their maturity.
    Our products have the inherent purpose of streamlining and simplifying workflows in the laboratory or dental clinic. And so we offer our products wholesale stores (dental deposits) and detail (for clinics and laboratories) and also produce own brands always thinking about the best for our customers.

  2. Our Services

    From our company we offer services in order to always give the best solution for the work in clinics and dental laboratories. We supervise the entire process of our products from their ideation to their distribution through the necessary training for their application in the workplace.
    We have own manufacturing to ensure the highest quality in the products we distribute, and we are always attentive to the innovations of the sector. We implement the R&D&I spirit throughout our process, being very important for us the innovation as it reads in our slogan “Innovative products – Made in Europe”. We distribute our products internationally, being fundamental in the opening of new markets. And we also give great importance to the appropriate training offering courses and seminars of our products.

  3. Our Technology

    With a team of scientists, chemists, biologists, and engineers, Kuss Dental designs and makes true the ideas coming from the latest research or from our clients. Being present throughout the development process until its distribution, and always trying to implement technology, modernity and innovation at every step.
    In a globalized world like today, we seek, like most multinational companies, to increase efficiency by outsourcing part of our processes. This allows our team to focus on the company’s own activities, transferring to external professional certain processes to leveraging their knowledge, skills and technology.


As one of the most innovative companies in the Spanish dental sector, Kuss Dental focuses on system development, modernization, and advanced training with new technology. Its function as an interface between German and Spanish dental experts is facilitated through the multilingual, communication-oriented and interdisciplinary team. Thus, Kuss Dental creates synergies between the users and developers. Our team, which is made up of experts with many years of experience, serve the clients’ interests in word and deed. In our opinion, it is the people who really make the difference.



In addition to selling our own innovative products which feature unique selling points, we also offer consumable goods under our own brand name KIERO. The aim is to provide the dental technician and dentist with high-quality products.

Kuss Dental is a pioneer in the development of next generation light curing products that make it possible to work faster, cleaner and more accurately. One of our most successful products is Kiero Seal, a unique seal that is placed between the implant and the abutment; moreover, we offer Kiero Plast, a light-curing, universal modeling paste for dental technicians.


Our company stands out for distributing not only the whole Spanish geography but also exports to Europe, Africa, South Ameria and Central America.
One of the strategies of Kuss Dental is to use new distribution channels, such as our new website, Facebook and Skype. The commitment to new technologies is always an objective that reaffirms our image, being fundamental in the opening of new markets at national and international level.

R & D & I

The high level of application of the three pillars of R & D & i (research, development and innovation) implies a greater strength of our products and services which makes us stand out, making our brand synonymous with competitiveness in the dental sector.


Together with a scientist’s team in Germany we develop dental products in an individualized way.


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