KIERO UNIVERSAL CLEANER # For Powerful Cleaning and Hygiene #

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Kiero Universal Cleaner is a highly concentrated, biodegradable deaning fluid for a wide variety of applications. The 10 litre canister is supplied together with a spray dosing device in order to guarantee 1:15 dilution without difficulty. The cleaner is disinfectant and dissolves away grease. limestone and plaster, as well as being a bactericide and virucide.

  • Denture (nicotine, caffeine, Mein°, tartar)
  • Instrument (alginate, plaster, investment material)
  • Plastic (oxides. investment materials. polishing paste. plaster)
  • Metal (precious metal. chromium plated)
  • Depending on degree of soiling. 1:15 to 1:150 dilution

Available in 10 liter drums, with dispenser or 1 liter bottles.



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