CUBETA CLEANER K1 # Fully Automatic Impression Tray Cleaning Machine #


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Fully automatic impression tray cleaning thanks to Cubeta Cleaner KI saves you not only expensive working time, but relieves your staff from having to carry out tedious work. The patented technology cleans 15 – 20 trays without preliminary work in just 2 minutes, no matter whether this involves alginate or silicone impression materials. Also ideal for cleaning model base moulds, base plates and silicone moulds.

Properties and advantages:

  • The silicone and alginate residues are trapped in a cage filter
  • The machine protects the environment thanks to the low water consumption and the absence of cleaning agents
  • The machine pays for itself very quickly as working time can be used for the actual work and not wasted on cleaning
  • The metal impression trays do not scratch, but retain their original shine
  • Maintenance-free

Máquina + instrucciones + 12 bolsas + cable de alimentación .



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Additional Information

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