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Thanks to their outstanding mechanical properties, Kiero resins are the state-of-the-art solution. It goes without saying that they are free of cadmium and colour-stable due to their barbiturate compounds. Kiero resins comply with norm ISO 1567 (denture base acrylics) and are licensed in class 2a according to the German Medical Devices Act for removable and fixed dentures. Produced according to the guidelines of ISO 9001 /EN 46001 and ISO 1567.

  • Low level of polymerisation shrinkage due to the mixing of various powder sizes (micro-beads technique)
  • Easy to work and polish due to the high degree of homogeneity (few plaque deposits and reduction in fungal affinity)
  • Good biocompatibility thanks to the low residual monomer content
  • High level of colour stability

Why are micro-bead resins better?

The Kiero micro-bead resins are composed of two granulate sizes: 70% correspond to the normal granulate size (60-70 m) and 30% are only 10 pm. The result is a more compact structure with a very low level of polymerisation shrinkage. As less monomer is required as a result, the resin is more biocompatible and hypoallergenic. The mixing of powder and liquid is more complete and the resulting compound is denser, can be poured more easily and requires a lower temperature during the curing process.

The result is that Kiero Microperlas produce an excellent fit of the dentures and a smoother surface which can be easily polished with all standard instruments.



Plaster-resin insulation (1 litre)


  • Kiero Resins powder is presented in cans with 1 kg of product.
  • Kiero Resinas Liquid is presented in cans with 1 l of product.
  • Kiero Isolante is presented in 1 liter cans of product.







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