Denseo Glaze # With a natural shining effect #





Denseo Glaseado is a premixed glaze mass with exceptional glaze firing results to achieve highly accurate shades. Thanks to micrometric technology, the particles partially diffuse onto the ceramic surface, keeping the pericimatias intact and thus achieving high resistance to abrasion.

  •     Natural shine in a single firing cycle
  •     Suitable for any ceramic
  •     No gray or white discoloration
  •     Glaze
  •     Low melting point

The firing temperature of the glaze firing depends on the used ceramic and is the same as written in the manual for your ceramic. (from 725ºC to 1050ºC)

Please remove before use.

To make the mixture creamier you can add the Denseo Universal Liquid.

-Tar 10 g.

-Vial 6 ml

Additional information

Additional Information


Denseo Glaseado Tar 10 g, Denseo Universal Liquid Vial 6 ml