Kiero Cem White # White cement for intraoral and extraoral use #




Self-etching and self-adhesive
Kiero Cem White is a permanent cement for extra and intraoral use, dual, radiopaque and universal. It is specially formulated for cementation in the laboratory of zirconium or ceramic restorations and metallic interfaces and also in the clinic between the tooth and fixed restorations made of ceramic, zirconium, metallic or composite. It adapts well due to its opaque white color, saves time and avoids errors by being self-etching.


  • This universal cement stands out for its strong adhesiveness and biocompatibility, meeting highest standards and requirements.
  • It is based on methacrylate resin and inorganic filler particles of 0.01-1 µm which guarantee a very high mechanical strength.
  • Due to the white opaque colour it adapts harmonically to the framework structure.
  • It allows the dentist to fix the margins of the inlays reliably by means of a LED lamp once the self-curing has begun. (320-550 nm)
  • The excess cement can be easily removed after brief light exposure (approx. 5 seconds).
  • It is very user-friendly because of its 2 minutes processing time and 3 minutes curing time.
  • These properties are suitable for the adhesion of inlays, abutments and ataches. This thixotropic property comforts working particularly en small object


The Kiero Cem White produces a strong and permanent adhesion between the tooth structure and ceramic, composites zircon dioxide and metal:

  • Precious metals, semi-precious metals, non-precious metals, titanium
  • Zircon dioxide, Lithium disilicate, Feldspar ceramic and hybrid ceramics
  • Harden LC composites, PEEK


  • 1 syringe de 2×2 , 5 ml







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Additional Information

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