SYMPRO # Denture cleaning unit #




Compact, high-performance cleaning unit especially suitable for dentures, orthodontic appliances and other dental restorations.


  • Validated, hygienic treatment of bowls (cleaning bowl for 2 dentures, mini-cup for 4 single crowns or for bridge of 4 elements), needles and tweezers.
  • Up to 80% time savings compared to conventional methods thanks to effective and automated cleaning process.
  • Increased customer retention with a prophylaxis service for denture wearers.


  • Cost-effective cleaning of small objects in the optional SYMPRO mini cup.

Optimal and fast cleaning performance due to an inclined bowl at 35°.

The kit contains:

  • Apparatus Sympro from Renfert
  • Sample liquid (400 ml)
  • Cleaning needles (75 g.)
  • cleaning vessel with cover
  • retaining Magnet and tweezers
  • 1 poster
  • 50 patient flyer

You can also buy replacements for:

  • 2 x 2 litres Universal is used to clean stubborn stains
  •  2 x 2 litres Nicoclean is used to clean soft nicotine discoloration
  • Cleaning needles (75 gr)
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Additional Information

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